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Detroit apparently has a lot of work to do when it comes to getting fit.

The American College of Sports Medicine, in conjunction with the Anthem Foundation, has published its annual Fitness Index, ranking America’s largest 100 cities using fitness factors such as health behaviors, local infrastructure, and chronic diseases.

“Beyond the health and wellness benefits of being a fit city, we know there are many economic advantages as well,” Shantanu Agrawal, M.D., chief health officer, Anthem, Inc., said in a statement. “Cities designed to encourage physical activity have enjoyed higher home values, business and job growth, and more robust retail activity — leading to overall improved social drivers of health for our communities. We encourage city leaders and planners to take bold action in driving improvements in their community, regardless of where they rank. There is always room to grow.”

Here Are the 20 Most Fit Cities:

1. Arlington, VA

2. Minneapolis, MN

3. Seattle, WA

4. Denver, CO

5. Madison, WI

6. Washington, D.C.

7. St. Paul, MN

8. Irvine, CA

9. Portland, OR

10. Atlanta, GA

11. Oakland, CA

12. Boston, MA

13. San Francisco, CA

14. Chicago, IL

15. San Diego, CA

16. Buffalo, NY

17. Boise, ID

18. Sacramento, CA

19. Austin, TX

20. San Jose, CA

Here Are the 20 Least Fit Cities:

80. Lexington, KY

81. Baton Rouge, LA

82. Irving, TX

83. Detroit, MI

84. Gilbert, AZ

85. San Antonio, TX

86. Henderson, NV

87. Corpus Christi, TX

88. Las Vegas, NV

89. Arlington, TX

90. Fort Worth, TX

91. Toledo, OH

92. Memphis, TN

93. Bakersfield, CA

94. Louisville, KY

95. Chesapeake, VA

96. Indianapolis, IN

97. Wichita, KS

98. North Las Vegas, NV

99. Tulsa, OK

100. Oklahoma City, OK

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