(Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for BB Gun)

If you don’t like band T-shirts, well, then I just don’t understand your mindset, because I love ’em.

And if you’re a metalhead and don’t like band T-shirts, then you’re just plain out of the norm.

According to a new study by T-shirt printing company Rush Order Tees, metal fans purchase the most band T-shirts, with an average of 17 in their closet.

Wait- just 17? Looks like I’ll need to eBay some shirts soon.

Conducting the survey, Rush Order Tees looked at 1,017 band tee owners to see what genres those shirts represented. They also looked at what made fans want to purchase the shirts and more.

Another fun fact from the study: Music lovers “think you should know at least 10 songs before wearing a band’s T-shirt,” according to the study. Seems fair.

Check out the full study here.

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