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Foo Fighters were undoubtedly going to do something special for their big, full-capacity Madison Square Garden show last night (June 20), but who knew it would be “so f-ckin’ special.”

The lone guest during the Foo’s show was none other than Dave Chappelle, who Dave Grohl referred to as his “favorite Dave.” Chappelle took to the stage and fronted a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.”

The performance is embedded below in all its bizarre glory.

(WARNING: Some NSFW language ahead)

"Creep" Foo Fighters & Dave Chappelle@Madison Square Garden New York 6/20/21

Creep (Radiohead cover), Foo Fighters & Dave Chappelle, Madison Square Garden, New York, June 20th, 2021; 1st rock concert at Madison Square Garden since Mar...


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