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Anne Erickson


(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Ever have one of those days when you just need to blow off some steam?

Well, a Chicago bus driver has felt that way every day for the past 365 days, apparently.

To relieve stress during the coronavirus pandemic, he recently successfully jumped into Lake Michigan for a 365th straight day last weekend.

“I started jumping in Lake Michigan on June 13 [2020], that was the first day, and the first day I came down here was because I was hungover. And it felt so good I just started doing it every day,” Dan O’Conor told WLS-TV.

O’Conor added that jumping into the lake really helped him clear his mind.

“You know, with everything that was happening, you talk about June, it was the pandemic and the politics and the protests, just all of that, I could come down here and dive in the water and it would just kind of clear it, clear the palette and cleanse the day, start anew,” he said.

Will he do it another 365 days? Time will tell.

Note that the man pictured here is not the man who actually jumped into the lake.

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