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Anne Erickson


David McNew/Getty Images

Detroit police plan to crack down on illegal drag racing, drifting and other “party atmosphere” activates this summer.

The department announced during a press conference Thursday (June 20) that they’ll be implementing strict curfews, putting more officers on patrol and seizing cars this season. They’ve already seized at least a dozen vehicles.

According to Interim Police Chief James White, the Detroit Police Department has designated 4,000 additional hours of overtime for weekend crowd control management, plus 2,000 more hours of overtime each weekend to deal with illegal drag racing.

Police will also target drag racing and drifting in Detroit, which officials say often involves out-of-towners coming into the city to cause trouble.

“If you come to Detroit and you drag race or drift, including with ATVs or off-roading vehicles, we will likely come to your house and take your vehicle and prosecute you,” White said in the press conference.

Officers will also enforce Detroit’s noise ordinance, which prohibits loud noise and music that goes further than 50 feet from all buildings. White says individuals who break the ordinance will be warned once and then ticketed. Businesses will be held accountable, as well.

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