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Limp Bizkit and a general sense of razzle-dazzle (finally!) collide head-on in this very unique cover of their hit “Break Stuff.”

Embedded below, YouTuber “There I Ruined It” — whose channel description simply reads, “I lovingly destroy your favorite songs” — has covered “Break Stuff” in the style of a Broadway show tune. The video for the cover is comprised of the original “Break Stuff” video with various clips from A Chorus Line and other productions cut in to truly capture that “5-6-7-8-JAZZ HANDS!” essence.

Truthfully, that essence was the one thing missing from Limp Bizkit’s second studio album, 1999’s Significant Other, which featured “Break Stuff.” Despite their name, I think YouTuber “There I Ruined It” did something special here. Listen and judge for yourself.

Break Stuff (Limp Bizkit) - Broadway Edition

"Break Stuff" as a jaunty Broadway musical number. There, I ruined it.Original music video:


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