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Man, I’m starting to think concerts aren’t going to return this summer. Lots of tours have already moved dates to 2022. This bums me out and I’ll tell you why….

Obviously, I love seeing live bands. I’ve been doing it through work, and before for over three decades. Watching and listening to live music does something to you. It lifts your spirits, gets the blood flowing, it gives you a chance to release the bad vibes. A concert cures what ails you! Plus, you get a chance to see some of your favorite musical heroes live and in the flesh, doing what they do best.

I also want to mention that it connects you with other like-minded people. I didn’t know how much it did that until I went to see the Metallica drive-in concert last fall. I recall talking to Kevin Martin of Candlebox on my Talkin’ Rock Podcast about it. He said he never really considered doing anything like that and asked me what I thought. I told him that seeing Metallica was cool, but the best thing about it was hanging with the fans. There’s something about being around them that I guess I took for granted before. Talking about their favorite Metallica album, a time they saw them live, and all sorts of other conversations. There’s a connection that we all have, that ties us back to the music we love.

Yeah, we’d all meet up at DTE or the Token or whatever, and see a show and go home. But I kinda forgot about the interaction with people of the same ilk, telling tales and just living in the moment and sharing the same experience that I hadn’t been apart of, up to that point, in six months.

I love talking to other music fans about my experiences and listening to them tell me about theirs. Afterall, we’re all in it together in this crazy rock n’ roll world.

Hopefully, we’ll all be able to get back to sharing some experiences sooner rather than later….and maybe a few cocktails as well!