As happens every year, Pantone has released its 2021 color – but what does not happen every year is that 2021 shares two: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (yellow). Meant to predict and influence trends in design, fashion, marketing, and beauty, the Pantone colors set the tone for the year to come. Not only should you expect to see these colors make an appearance in your favorite décor and fashion lines, but on-trend hosts will begin incorporating this palette into their homes. If you’re looking for ways to expertly weave the Pantone colors of 2021 into your décor and use them as you entertain, then here are several ideas that are easy and budget-friendly!

Bathroom Accents

Because your bathroom is a small space, updating the décor can make a big splash on a budget. If you’d like to coordinate with Pantone colors of 2021, consider changing your shower curtain, rugs, and hand towels. You can stay within the Pantone color scheme while still echoing your décor style. For a modern, clean look, try something with color-blocked straight lines, or opt for a light and airy take on these colors if your vibe is more bohemian. These updated pieces will give this room a whole new look and stand out as a hip and current space.

Tablescape Updates

Whether you’re entertaining for your small family and showing off the tablescape via Zoom or beginning to host friends and family, your table décor will benefit from an update to reflect the Pantone colors of 2021. Instead of mixing the gray and yellow in one piece, there’s room on your table to incorporate different elements of each color throughout. Consider pairing a gray table runner with yellow napkins or candles. You can even combine silver and gold dinnerware as a nod to the Illuminating and Ultimate Gray palette.

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Serving and Snacking Dishes

Beyond your formal table, updating your entertaining tools to reflect this year’s colors is an easy way to keep your home on-trend. For a fun serving bowl (popcorn, chips, etc.), try this gray and yellow whimsical piece that doubles as décor when not in use. If you’re serving appetizers, use these honeybee-themed plates paired with small gray forks for the perfect snacking palette. And for an on-trend snack to serve alongside this year’s Pantone colors, pick up a gray cheese board to pair with the perfectly-yellow cheddar slices and crackers your guests will love.

Flowers and Small Décor

One of the fastest and easiest ways to incorporate the Pantone colors of 2021 around your home is by adding small accents in every room. New vases with dried flowers are relatively inexpensive and can be repurposed elsewhere in the years to come when you’d rather not display the colors together. You can also fill a clear vase or dish that you already own with these gray and yellow rattan orbs to add texture and interest to your space. Adding small, framed art prints in a theme that uses these colors but matches your decorating style is an easy way to marry what you already have in your home with updated colors.

Living Room Accents

If you’re not afraid to make a bolder statement with this year’s Pantone colors, consider updating some of your living room décor. New throw pillow covers and a cozy blanket can complement any neutral color scheme that you already have. A new accent rug can also transform your space and update the room to 2021. If you’re looking for a statement piece that can influence the tone of the whole house, consider adding bold curtains in the Pantone colors; choosing coordinating curtains in adjacent rooms will help make the spaces feel cohesive without being identical.

With so many options, big and small, it’s easy to incorporate this year’s Pantone colors into your home décor and entertainment plans!

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