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Iron Maiden's entire aesthetic, from their stage shows to their classic logo to their mascot, Eddie, is at least enough to get a nomination, but even that hasn't happened (yet) for the heavy metal icons.

Ulf WadenBrandt is the Conductor of the Sweden Symphony Orchestra and the Principal Guest Conductor for the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra. He’s also a huge metalhead!

“Many of my musical colleagues around the world are currently unable to play together and cannot perform for the public. So I reached out to many wonderful orchestral musicians, to see if we could play something together,” says Ulf, and that something was Iron Maiden’s Fear of the Dark.

Gathering musicans from Argentina, Brazil, China, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and more virtually, he conducted this amazing symphonic version of the Heavy Metal classic.

“I want to highlight how important music and culture are in these difficult times,” Ulf explains. “Music makes you feel good and helps to develop people. We need to show the world that we are needed and must get to play. I have gathered everyone from absolutely world class musicians and excellent music teachers to talented amateurs and students from music and cultural schools from all over the world. I want to show the value of diversity and emphasise how everyone is important in the ecosystem of music.”

“This song has everything from nice melodic lines with lots of energy and a thumping tempo,” Ulf says. “It’s a magical arrangement that releases the orchestra’s energy and fantastic sound. IRON MAIDEN have quite simply written a great song that works perfectly for symphony orchestras and their wonderful timbre.”