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Anne Erickson


(Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images)

Happy National Beer Day! One of the great gifts of living in the Motor City is the wide selection of great local breweries in metro Detroit. Here’s a snapshot of some of our favorites. What’s yours? Tweet at us and let us know!

Detroit Beer Company

Where: 1529 Broadway, Detroit

Beverage of choice: The Detroit Dwarf Altbier. It’s described as a “Clean lager character with some fruity ale notes. Earthy with flavored of tea and forest nuts,” on their website. “Distinct balance between malt and hops creating a creamy texture.”


Sherwood Brewing Company

Where: 45689 Hayes Road, Shelby Township

Beverage of choice: MCM IPA. It’s made with Motor City Malt House barley malt.


Rochester Mills Beer Co.

Where: 400 Water Street, Rochester

Beverage of choice: Wits Organic. It’s described as “our version of the classic Belgian Wit style,” on their website. “It is a wheat beer brewed with sweet orange peel and coriander. All ingredients used to brew this beer are certified organic. Wit’s Organic is served unfiltered.”


Batch Brewing Company

Where: 1400 Porter Street, Detroit

Beverage of choice: Orange Lotus IPA. It features lotus hops and sweet orange peel. Yum!


Witch’s Hat Brewing Company

Where: 601 S Lafayette, South Lyon

Beverage of choice: Baby Traxxx, featuring peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla.


Rustic Leaf Brewing Company

Where: 7200 Highland Road, Waterford Township

Beverage of choice: American Amber. Their flagship beer.


CJ’s Brewing Company

Where: 8115 Richardson Road, Commerce Township

Beverage of choice: Lower Straits Stout. It’s described as “a full-bodied American stout, this beer is a blend of roast chocolate and black malts with an addition of baker’s chocolate, topped off with a creamy head” on their website.


Fillmore 13

Where: 7 N Saginaw St Suite 1D, Pontiac

Beverage of choice: Saginaw Coffee Stout. It’s “a dark beer with immense Sumatran dark roast coffee flavor,” according to the website.


Dearborn Brewing

Where: 21930 Michigan Ave, Dearborn

Beverage of choice: Model IP’A’ It’s named “for Ford’s pivotal creation,” according to the website, and represents “the workhorse of both beer and automobile and the pride of Dearborn. Malty backbone, balanced against citrusy hops.”


Brew Detroit

Where: 1401 Abbott Street, Detroit

Beverage of choice: Plavalaguna, which they describe as, “blackcurrant and blueberry.”


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