Dave & Chuck: Junk Food Roundup

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Oscar Meyer, a company known for their bologna and meat products made an announcement that they will be getting into the shoe game in a unique way! Plus 7-Eleven is teaming up with Peeps to bring morning people a marshmallow flavored latte for Easter. 


Oscar Mayer Is Releasing Shoelaces That Smell Like Bacon

Oscar Mayer just announced they’re going to be giving out shoelaces that smell like BACON.  The shoelaces also LOOK like strips of bacon, because why not? If you’re interested, you can enter by tweeting the hashtags #OscarCookMyKicks and #Sweepstakes by the end of the day on Thursday, April 1st.  1,500 people will randomly win laces.


Peeps and 7-Eleven Are Selling a Yellow Marshmallow Latte

Peeps are willing to get-it-on with any brand this year.  Last week, Peeps announced a new soda with Pepsi for Easter.  And now this . . .Peeps and 7-Eleven have teamed up to make a marshmallow-flavored LATTE for Easter.  And it’s a yellow color, which doesn’t seem natural.  They tried this last year, but, you know, Covid really hurt gimmick product launches last March and April.

The lattes should be on sale at 7-Elevens now if you want to find out what a yellow Peeps coffee drink tastes like.