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The Battle Royale that will never go away, Fortnite has released a new chapter in its “Hunters” series, bringing with it plenty of updates and changes that will make Fortnite Season 6 ‘Primal’  the craziest so far, with a load of weapon and map changes included in the patch notes that Epic usually avoids releasing. Everything in patch v16.00 has not been discovered yet, as Fortnite has hung its hat on letting fans find out all of the different changes and secrets included whenever a new season or chapter is released, so we are not exactly sure what HAS been changed or added if it hasn’t been discovered so far.


But what has been discovered? Biggest of all, is the addition of Lara Croft to the in-game universe, joining Jonesy and the rest of the titular “Hunters’ that have been added to the game over the past season. Ranging from The Mandalorian to the Predator, and other famous bounty hunters, Lara Croft makes sense. As well as a modern Lara skin and themed cosmetics including a back bling and pickaxe, there’s a ‘Classic’ Lara style that throws gamers back to the good ol’ PlayStation 1 days.

Also joining Lara is a whole bunch of skins and cosmetics as is usually customary for players to unlock. There have also been plenty of changes to the map and locations across the island that the Battle Royale takes place on; you can expect to see Guardian bosses scatters across various points of interest. Plenty of meta changes to be found, including the unvaulting of the Pump Shotgun

Epic also has a new Battle Pass trailer that has a “Primal” theme, and should make upcoming announcements pretty interesting:


As was mentioned earlier, not everything has been discovered so far, since the new season launched essentially overnight for most players here in the US. So if you DO find something new, let us know, we would love to hear about it! Just send us a tweet at @CheckpointXP