Queen and David Bowie easily have one of the most iconic duets of all time with “Under Pressure,” but there’s apparently more gold from those recording sessions.

Roger Taylor said in a new interview with Record Collector (as transcribed by Classic Rock), “If we look to the archives, yeah, there’s probably stuff. We would do the odd thing like covering old Cream songs. I remember we did ‘NSU’ and ‘I Feel Free,’ just for a laugh really, and then we decided, ‘Let’s write one for ourselves.'”

Someone better dive into the Queen archives and figure out if this is true, because those covers would be interesting to hear!

Speaking of archives: Queen recently announced a new YouTube series in honor of their 50th anniversary as a band.

Per Queen’s official website, “Beginning March 19th and continuing weekly through to March 2022, Queen YouTube will take Queen fans on a unique and remarkable journey –  a chance to revisit some of the band’s most iconic moments and discover some aspects of the story we didn’t know. Celebrating key moments in Queen’s history the weekly clips series will remind us why Queen and their music continue to be loved across the world.”

The clips that are a part of this 50-week series will be presented in chronological order “…from Queen’s earliest shows at London’s Rainbow and Odeon through vast arenas across the entire world on a journey culminating with the band’s latest record-setting achievements with Adam Lambert.”


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