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Heavy metal and burlesque collide in a new online class, and it really has the best name ever.

This burlesque class founded by U.K.-based burlesque performer Trixie Blue teaches the basics of burlesque performing to a variety of Slipknot songs. The class’s name? StripKnot, of course.

Blue describes herself as “an absolute metal-head” and said of the class in an interview with RAMzine, “StripKnot is something I’ve been wanting to do for a number of years. It’s an amalgamation of different disciplines: striptease, burlesque, and lap-dancing. All conjured up into a concoction of exotic dance and choreography – to Slipknot, that involves a teeny-tiny bit of striptease.”

Blue added about metal, in general, soundtracking a burlesque performance, “Metal, and any sort of erotic sort of genre, go well with it so well because the absolute jammin’ beats, the big drums, the over-driven guitar, the screaming, and shouty vocals, and the excitement of the performers is how electric and erotic performance can be. So it lends itself well to particular tones of performance.”

She continued, “And especially Slipknot, I love it. They have such melodies that get into the depths of your existence, and they just get you going. Anything that has erotic connotations gives you that excited feeling. Teaming them together was a no-brainer really. [Metal is] raw and personal I always think.”

Blue’s next StripKnot online class is currently scheduled for April 9. Complete details on the online class can be found here.

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