Corey Taylor is planning to head out on the road this year for a series of socially distanced shows.

The singer said in a new interview that these socially distanced shows will likely take place over the course of three weeks within the “next couple of months.” Most of the shows will be taking place in the Midwest.

Taylor details, “Some of the places we’ll be doing two nights in one city. It’ll be completely social-distanced, which means there’ll be pods with space around it, and the only people allowed in the pod are the people who came with that group. [There will be] temp checks at the door, and you have to have proof of a negative test within 48 hours [of the show], or you won’t be let in at all.”

Taylor adds, “…So this is the test to see if we can start to kind of inch back towards reality with these in place — at least until the vaccine has had a chance to kind of do its thing.”

President Joe Biden announced last week there will be enough COVID-19 vaccine doses for every adult by the end of May. He had originally projected there would be enough vaccine supply for every adult by the end of July. While this news regarding the vaccine is promising, the return of concerts is still currently up in the air. However, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves made headlines last week when both took to Twitter to announce their states are fully opening back up. This means a return of full-capacity concerts in these states.

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