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A woman in England lit up one of those Gwyneth Paltrow candles that are supposed to be scented like her vagina . . . but somehow, the candle EXPLODED and a, quote, “inferno” of flames shot out.  Judy Thompson, the woman that lit the candle before it exploded had won the candle in an online raffle.  She says when she lit the candle a HUGE flame shot up from the wick and out of the glass jar. Fortunately, the woman’s boyfriend got the fire under control before it could spread.


Gwyneth Paltrow's vagina-scented candle explodes into flames causing an 'inferno' in a woman's living room

Jody Thompson, 50, won the risque product sold by the Hollywood star and wellness guru in an online quiz. The candle is described on Gwyneth's Goop site as "funny, gorgeous, sexy and beautifully unexpected". But Jody was taken by ­surprise after lighting it when a 50cm flame leapt from the candle and out of the glass jar.