Marina Balmasheva is a 35-year-old “weight-loss influencer” is now getting ready to pop out a baby with her 21-year-old husband, Vladmir…who’s also her stepson.  Or “was.” Marina divorced her previous hubby, who now has custody of their five adopted kids, and then had multiple cosmetic surgeries, including face & neck lifts and work to get rid of loose skin after losing weight, to make herself “more attractive” to Vlad.


Woman, 35, ditches husband for her stepson, 21, and has plastic surgery for him

An influencer who traded in her husband for her 21-year-old stepson has admitted she went under the knife to make him fancy her more. Marina Balmesheva, 35, is pregnant with her lover Vladimir's baby and has even insisted on prenup to safeguard her assets.