(Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

Bell’s Brewery has unveiled a new, year-long beer perfect for Midwesterners.

The beer is called “No, Yeah,” a reference to how in the Midwest, that basically means yes. According to a release, it’s an “easy drinking golden ale” at 4.5% alcohol by volume.

Bell’s is Michigan’s largest independent brewery, so it makes sense they would launch a Midwest beer.

“It is balanced, not overly bitter and will resonate with fans of lagers and those just looking for a really nice beer,” Bell’s said in a statement.

“We saw an opportunity with our core offerings, part of a growing market, but also a niche that’s near and dear to us as proud Midwesterners,” Bell’s founder and president Larry Bell said in a statement. “This beer will appeal to those who are looking for another alternative to higher ABV beers, something that is crisp and refreshing and not too hoppy.”

No, Yeah will start shipping in six-pack cans Monday (Jan. 18). It will be for sale at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe and General Store in Kalamazoo the same day.

Bell’s will also have No, Yeah, available at select stores in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Minnesota.

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