With so many people stuck in lockdown and quarantine it’s been hard to meet up with that special someone for a sexual rendezvous, luckily there’s a new pleasure device on the market that has been getting some great reviews online.

Some reviews claim the device brought them to sexual bliss in less than a minute. It’s the Bed Geek “massager” and it has all the bells and whistles to deliver the sensations single lonely users or even couples need to reach that moment. You can learn more about it at the link below where some users are claiming the thing is so powerful it’s waking their neighbors.


Couples say 'magical' vibrator is so powerful they've been waking neighbours up

Couples have been going wild for an affordable vibrator. The Bed Geek "massager" boasts 20 patterns and eight different speeds to try out. And according to its Amazon product description, the sensations it gives are "ultra powerful". It's safe to say reviewers agree with this evaluation - with more than 1,000 people raving about it.