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A guy in Pennsylvania just lost an appeal after he did drugs on his first day at a new job . . . started kissing a coworker’s neck . . . and then got naked.

According to reports Carl Gamby’s first day on his new job was quite the experience.  Investigators report that he injected himself with bath salts and fentanyl in the mens room during his first shift at the EconoLodge. After he came out of the restroom he grabbed a female coworker from behind, kissed her on the neck, took off his shirt, then tried to get her to kiss him back…while she screamed to get away.

The woman fled to her car to call 911 that’s when he yelled that he “wanted to show her something…” and started to remove his pants.  When police arrived he was fully nude with his clothes all over the hotel lobby and a dirty needle still in the bathroom. The whole incident was also captured on hotel security video.  He was arrested.


Harrisburg man who got high and naked during his first day at work can't beat indecent assault conviction

Carl Gamby had a bizarre first day at work. It was self-inflicted. According to investigators, Gamby, 32, of Harrisburg, went into a restroom and injected himself with bath salts and fentanyl on March 28, 2019 during his first shift as a clerk at the Econo Lodge on Eisenhower Boulevard in Swatara Township.