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There’s a three-person couple, or “throuple,” in Seattle and they all say they identify as mythical creatures:  Lolly the fairy princess . . . Gunther the troll . . . and Ion the leprechaun.

Lolly the fairy princess had met Ion the Leprechaun and introduced him into the world of polyamory. Then Gunther, the troll, completed their fairy tale throuple after meeting Lolly at a LARP (Live Action Role Play) festival.

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You can see Lolly the Fairy Princess’s Instagram here in case those pics above don’t load.

They claim to live and work together like a family unit.  They each have their own separate rooms go to work, have family dinner, and try to keep time with each other equal.


Throuple identifies as a fairy, a troll and a leprechaun

Three bippity-boppity-boos are living happily ever after in a land far, far away - Seattle, Washington. The thriving throuple - who identify as Princess Fairy Lolly, Gunther the Troll and Ion the Leprechaun - is living out the fairy-tale romance of their dreams. Spellbound by love, the three humans-turned-mythical creatures are building a "dream haven" together in their polyamorous partnership.