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Instagram influencer Ava Louise is dealing with the fallout of her grandma discovering her erotic content posted on an adult content subscription site.

Louise’s family have disowned her after her grandma found out that she was posting racy content on the adult subscription site OnlyFans.  Louise says that she wasn’t really close to her family, but they still kept on her by following her instagram.  She recently took to instagram to promote her explicit content and that’s when grandma made the discovery.

Now that the secret is out, Louise says that her grandma refuses to acknowledge her existence and the family thinks she needs to go to church and find Jesus. Because of this, she doesn’t think that they will reconcile anytime soon.  She also doesn’t plan to change her content or post more conservative pics on her social media.


Influencer 'disowned' by grandma after family find her racy OnlyFans page

A woman says she was disowned by her gran after she joined adults only subscription site OnlyFans. Ava Louise managed to keep her sexy content a secret for a while. But she raised eyebrows when she started promoting her racier images on Instagram.