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A New Mexico man is behind bars after pulling a gun on a drive thru worker and being chased by a police helicopter! Estevan Gonzalez allegedly pulled a gun on a McDonald’s drive thru worker after receiving his order with some mistakes.  The restaurant employee corrected the order after Gonzalez told her that it was wrong.  After the order was corrected allegedly Gonzalez pulled through the drive thru again, this time pointing a black handgun at the employee.  She was scared and fled to the back of the McDonalds to call police.

When police arrived the man was still sitting in the drive thru, but took off and refused to stop for police.  A helicopter was called in and followed the man to a nearby neighborhood.  Gonzalez claims he was just trying to get a hamburger, but they have video footage of him arguing with the worker while holding a gun.

He was arrested on a charges related aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.