A Florida man called 911 to report an issue he was having with his order at a fast food restaurant. If that isn’t ridiculous enough it gets even more silly!

A Naples man called 911 three times from a McDonalds because they messed up his burger twice. According to reports it sounds like the man was acting a little irrationally, employees say the man was yelling and cursing at staff over the burger issues and refused to leave without getting his order right.

Police arrived and escorted the man out of the restaurant. When the officer told him he had to leave he told the officer to arrest him.  He also revealed that he had hidden cocaine in his butt.


Naples man calls 911 about McDonald's order & says he has cocaine 'in his butt' - ABC7 Southwest Florida

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - "And the cocaine," a man hinted, as he was being loaded into the back of a Collier County Sheriff's patrol car. Deputies asked him to clarify. "I have cocaine in my butt," 56-year-old Mustapha Ouardi answered.