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Pizza Hut is changing the stuffed crust pizza game with something new they’re giving away while Doritos is taking the pickle flavored chips to the masses releasing them nationwide after a small launch this past summer.

Pizza Hut Is Giving Away Rings of Stuffed Crust

Back in 1995, Pizza Hut introduced the Stuffed Crust pizza, answering the lifelong question of whether it was possible to find a new way to add more cheese to pizza.
And now, to celebrate more than a quarter-century of the pizza . . . they’re going to be giving some people rings of stuffed crust. You get a full-sized pizza crust, filled with cheese . . . but no pizza.
They’re giving them out at two locations in L.A. and two locations in Dallas today, tomorrow, and Thursday. There’s no word on whether they might take their stuffed crust rings to other cities.


Pizza Hut Is Giving Away New 'Nothing But Stuffed Crust' At These Select Locations From Jan. 5 To Jan. 7, 2021 - Chew Boom

Pizza Hut is celebrating their Original Stuffed Crust pizza by taking the most craveable part of the pizza and letting it shine on its own with the debut of limited-edition " Nothing But Stuffed Crust," at select locations in Dallas and Los Angeles starting January 5, 2021.

Pickle Doritos Are Now Something You Can Voluntarily Choose to Eat

Pickle-flavored DORITOS just went on sale nationwide. These things apparently popped up in a few spots last summer, and I guess they were popular enough that Doritos decided to give them a wider launch.
According to one review they have a, quote, “very pleasant dill and vinegar flavor.”


Doritos Tangy Pickle Chips Are Being Spotted In Stores After A Limited Summer Release

Update, January 4, 2021: To know any pickle-flavored chip is to love it, and with the added texture and chip-to-dust ratio that comes with a Dorito, it's no shock that tangy pickle Doritos have been a huge hit ever since their release this past summer.