If Tiger King has taught us anything it’s that there is a ferocious appetite for news stories about people and animals acting badly and the wild happenstance of life. In that spirit each night during the 9 and 10 o’clock hour I enjoy playing a game with you, the listener, called Florida or Australia. The rules are simple: I’ll tell you about a news story on the air and you text or call in and tell me if you think the story happened in Florida or Australia.(because those two places seem to have a high concentration of craziness.) Tonight on Christmas Eve there’s only one round, one story that could possible qualify for the game. Here it is:

Australian Christmas Village Dubbed 'Fyre Festival Of Santa Events' Gets Shut Down

A South Australian Christmas event for kids has been shut down after major complaints were lodged. Santa's Winter Village at Colonnades shopping centre in Adelaide was dubbed the 'Fyre Festival of Santa events' when picture of the grim festive decorations were uploaded to Facebook.

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