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BAMBERG, GERMANY - OCTOBER 22: Doctor Katharina Hofer examines a refugee baby at the repatriation facility 'Regierung von Oberfranken Ankunfts- und Rueckfuehrungseinrichtung II' for refugees of the Balkan States on October 22, 2015 in Bamberg, Germany. A new law that goes into effect November 1 will make it easier for German authorities to deport rejected asylum applicants from Balkan countries deemed as "safe", including Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. Germany is expecting to receive over one million asylum applicants this year and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pressed for legislation to hasten the deportation of applicants with no chance of asylum approval. In turn the approval process for refugees from war-torn countries like Syria is to be sped up as well in order to facilityate their integration. (Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images)

When babies get their vaccination shots, they cry.  Unless they’re lucky enough to be patients of Dr. William Gerba from Great Neck, New York.

This is a video of him brilliantly distracting a baby by humming silly songs and playfully poking his tiny body so that he barely notices the shot.  This is from last summer, but the video is making the rounds now.