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If Pepsi can’t get people to order their sodas instead of Coke, maybe this is the next best thing:  Ripping off their name. 

Pepsi just announced a new product called Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola.  That’s C-O-C-O-A, not C-O-C-A.  It’s Pepsi with a hint of a chocolate and marshmallow flavor. They announced Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola on Twitter yesterday and said if the post gets more than 2,021 retweets, they’ll release it early in 2021.  It passed that mark in a matter of hours.


Pepsi Unveils New Pepsi "Cocoa" Cola - Chew Boom

Pepsi is offering their own unique twist on the unofficial beverage of winter ( hot cocoa) with the introduction of new Pepsi "Cocoa" Cola. Pepsi "Cocoa" Cola features a blend of cocoa with a hint of marshmallow, mixed with Pepsi cola.