This is about as disappointing as a SOUL MATE gets. A 24-year-old woman named Brooke Averick from Haverford, Pennsylvania posted on TikTok recently about how the dating app Hinge just told her that her perfect match is . . . her BROTHER.

She filmed a video about the results WITH her brother . . . who makes her more and more annoyed throughout it as he pretends to kiss her in the MOST brother move ever.   

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Woman mortified to match with brother on dating app

How bromantic. A Pennsylvania TikTok star's hunt for love on Hinge backfired hilariously when she was matched with her younger brother. The Philly native detailed the dating app mishap in an uproarious video with over 2.4 million views. "We will be suing Hinge," joked Brooke Averick, 24, who received the incestuous recommendation while spending Thanksgiving with her family in Haverford.