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Anne Erickson


(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

A “Son of the Year” award should go to this young man who drove his mother more than 300 miles, each way, to vote.

As the story goes, according to CNN (via, Mildred Madison wanted to vote early and in person.

Madison lives in Detroit but has been staying with her son, Julian, in Zion, Illinois.

She’s been in Illinois since September 2019 and decided to stay when coronavirus hit. Hence, she had to request a ballot be sent to Illinois to vote, but it didn’t seem to be happening.

“I said I had better go back to Detroit and make sure that I vote,” she told CNN. “I’m glad I did because I haven’t seen a ballot yet.”

Madison didn’t want to risk missing out on her chance to vote. So, Julian drove her to Detroit and back home all in one day, totally 330 miles each way.

“At least I made it,” she told CNN. “I made it and voted for the people I wanted to vote for, and I hope they win. But I felt satisfied that I was not going to miss voting.”

So inspiring. Read the full story here.

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