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I just happened to run across a couple pictures taken on couches, and thought it would be a fun topic for a looking-back blog.

The first one is a picture with the guys from Jane’s Addiction. Now, just having them in the picture is pretty cool, but if you look all the way to the right….yep, that’s Carmen Electra! I’ll never forget interviewing the guys with her sitting in the room. She was very nice! I recall Ken from promotions trying to scurry me out of the room while she was still talking to me. What am I supposed to do, walk away from her?

This next picture is so funny. I guess Zakk Wylde had a rough night and needed some rest. We did a promotion where people could meet some of the bands that were touring on OzzFest that year. This was around 2000. Zakk crashed on the couch and we just got in behind him and snapped a photo. So funny!

Thanks for reading!