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As my 25th anniversary approaches at WRIF (November 1st) I thought I would share some photos and stories of the past.

I met Kid Rock in January of 1999. Devil without a Cause had come out the previous summer and wasn’t making much of a wave. I had played “Bullgod” a little bit on the radio, but that’s about it. Rock came in to the studio late at night on a Monday in January to do the live, national show, Rockline. Sometimes artists would do the show from our studios if they were in town. They would link up with the host via satellite and conduct the interview.

I’ll never forget what he said to me that night. I told him I dug the first single and he said “Listen to the rest of it…you might just like it”. So humble and honest. I did listen to the rest of it, and LOVED the record! I wore that thing out. I originally just had the edited version which was missing two songs. I soon got the full album and it was even better than I expected!

These pictures were taken in October of that year (with his then very young son, Robert jr.) as Rock went from barely moving any albums to the hottest act in America. He went on to sell out the Palace , then ended the year with a sold out Silverdome opening slot for Metallica and Ted Nugent as the year changed to 2000.