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Chuck Bean


If Tiger King has taught us anything it’s that there is a ferocious appetite for news stories about absolute disaster people. In that spirit, each night during the 9 and 10 o’clock hours I enjoy playing a game with you, the listener, called Florida or Australia. The rules are simple: I’ll tell you about a news story on the air and you text or call in and tell me if you think the story happened in Florida or Australia. (because those two places seem to have a high concentration of craziness.) Fridays are a special wildcard edition where I ask you to determine if the stories are homegrown crazy or imported from other countries. Here are tonight’s stories:

Police: 'Why are you holding an iron out the car window?' Passenger: 'To cool it down obviously'

POLICE stopped a car after spotting an iron being held out the window-only to be told it was to cool it down. The car was stopped by Dorset Police's No Excuse Team. A spokesman said: "The mobile ironing service - you stand outside and they drive past and iron anything for you ...

Former Austin Public Library employee accused of stealing, selling over $1.3M in printer toner

The report said in addition to the toner, Randall Whited also used an Austin Public Library to buy electronics and home goods for personal use, and that the library's "poor practices and procedures provided an opportunity to Whited to steal from the city during his tenure."

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