Sully Erna doesn’t expect Godsmack to hit the road again until 2022.

Erna said in a new interview with “Offstage with DWP” embedded below, “I don’t really even think we’re gonna do anything next year, because I think it’s still gonna be a big mystery on how tours are gonna go, how concerts are gonna go, how promoters are gonna treat artists, how insurance companies are gonna treat venues. I think it’s still a bit of a mystery to figure out, so I think we’re gonna kick back and watch everyone else kind of scramble and figure it out and see how it works out and probably dip our toe back in in the beginning of ’22.”

What’s next for concerts and live events is still relatively unknown while the coronavirus pandemic still continues. Erna isn’t the first artist to say they don’t expect to tour again until 2022. Bruce Springsteen said a new interview with Rolling Stone“My antenna tells me, at best, 2022. And I would consider the concert industry lucky if it happens then.… I’m going to consider myself lucky if I lose just a year of touring life.”

There is some optimism within the concert and live event industry. This week, Pollstar & VenuesNow shared their “2020 State of the Industry Survey” in which over 1,350 professionals participated in, and 54.7% of those surveyed said they believe their industry would be back at full capacity in 2021. Of that 54.7%, 2.07% of respondents think full capacity events will happen in Q1 2021, while 16.26% said Q2 2021, 24.76% said Q3 2021 and 11.60% said Q4 2021.


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