Mountain Dew announced a new partnership with NBA All-star Joel Embiid and hot sauce retailer iBurn for a limited-edition Mountain Dew hot sauce.

They launched a survey on their official Twitter page to let Mountain Dew fans pick the base flavor out of four different heat levels.

The owner of iBurn Hot Sauces assures the skeptics that they are going to make a truly gourmet hot sauce that will amaze.


Mtn Dew Hot Sauce Is On The Way!!!

If 2020 were a condiment... Mtn Dew has been expanding its product line into multiple verticals this year. We have already seen the introduction of the Dew-Garita: The first official Mtn Dew based alcoholic beverage (although I created quite a few unofficial ones in college). Now enter Mtn Dew's latest licensing promotion: Mtn Dew Hot...