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Anne Erickson


(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for MAC Presents)

Miller Lite is launching its newest product, the “Cantenna.”

The company bills it as “the only reception device on the market that is great tasting.” Clever!

Miller Light goes on to call the “can-novation,” “part real beer, part digital antenna,” to help those who don’t have cable to still be able to view live football.

“Streaming live sports can get frustrating and expensive and if cord-cutters want to watch football, they’re often forced to resort to sketchy, unreliable, illegal streaming,” said Stephanie Clanfield, associate marketing manager, Miller Lite, in a statement. “Miller Lite is determined to bring you smooth streaming and make your Miller Time a little easier with the new Miller Lite Cantenna.”

“The Cantenna is a head-turner on its own, but we didn’t want to stop there,” she added. “In order to really disrupt cord-cutters we couldn’t rely on typical marketing tactics, instead we chose an unconventional approach to serve them up something unforgettable during a time when they were the most engaged.”

To enjoy the great tasting great reception of the Cantenna, fans 21 and older can visit to enter for a chance to win one.

Cantennas are available now and will be given away until Oct. 12.

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