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Saturday Night Live will kick off its 46th season on October 3 which will feature Jim Carrey appearing as Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Lorne Michaels confirmed the news to Vulture and said, “You’ll see the same people. I mean, Maya Rudolph is coming back, and Alec [Baldwin] will be back. And I think Jim Carrey is going to do Biden…He will give the part energy and strength, and [Laughs] hopefully it’s funny.”

Yes…here’s hoping the casting for the sketch comedy show provides a few laughs. Way to aim high, Lorne!

Before Carrey’s casting, Jason Sudeikis portrayed Biden when he was Vice President during the Barack Obama administration. In addition to Sudeikis stepping in last season to play Biden, the 45th season of SNL also saw Woody Harrelson and John Mulaney play the presidential candidate.

SNL made headlines last week when it confirmed it would return to its home at Studio 8H in New York for the upcoming season. Whether or not the show will have a live audience of any kind was not yet announced.

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