Corey Taylor has been super active lately while promoting his debut solo album, CMFT, but don’t expect him to rejoin social media anytime soon.

Taylor left social media some time ago, but when asked by WMMR’s Sara if he’d consider making a return due to the coronavirus pandemic limiting in-person contact, he answered, “No. If anything, it’s reinforced me staying off of it. Honestly, I don’t even have the passwords anymore. I have somebody who I use to run my sites. Every once in a while, I’ll tell them something to post on there. But the interaction is such garbage on there.”

Taylor added, “I think it’s one of the reasons why nobody talks to each other anymore — because they’re so used to just exploding with no chance for a rebuttal that we’ve forgotten how to have a conversation.”

Taylor would then go on to make quite the bold prediction that, frankly, does have a good chance of happening.

“I’m gonna call it right now: There will soon be classes in college that teach people how to have conversations again,” said Taylor. “You watch. I’m telling you. It’s that type of retrograde destruction of the way we communicate that is forcing people into these places where they feel like they have no room but what they believe and they’re constantly just doing this [pushes fists together]. Whereas in the past, we could have differences of opinion, but depending on what your mindset, your mentality, just who you were as a person, that would kind of create how you were in a conversation. You could have a conversation and a difference of opinion, and people wouldn’t pile on you, people wouldn’t troll on you, people wouldn’t get violent, people wouldn’t get just destructive. And that, to me, I think that’s the thing that social media has killed. For something called social media, it’s not really social, is it? It’s a dumpster fire.”

Taylor is clearly good at communicating, and if you’re looking for proof of that, all you have to do is look to the video for “CMFT Must Be Stopped” which is littered with tons of cameo appearances from Rob Halford to Lzzy Hale to Lars Ulrich.

“I sent a wish list to my management and basically said some of these are friends that I can hit up, but some of these are people that I don’t really keep in touch with, so if you can get them [for the video], that would be great,” said Taylor. “Honestly, almost everyone said yes. It was really, really cool. So, when I saw them kind of flown in on the video, I had the same reaction everyone else did. [Points and screams repeatedly.] I was freaking out! It was really, really cool. It made me really happy.”

Almost everyone said yes? So, who said no?

“There were only two people [that said no.] They both politely declined, because it just wasn’t their thing,” said Taylor. “They said, ‘We appreciate you. We love you. This just isn’t our thing, and we would never want to try nothing that just wasn’t our thing.’ So, because of that, I will respect them and not put their names out there.’ Just the fact that they replied at all was huge…So, it was pretty cool.”

CMFT is due out October 2 and is currently available for pre-order with exclusive formats and bundles at TheCoreyTaylor.comCMFT is also available for pre-save on major digital platforms here.

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