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Live music has taken a huge hit this year. A lot of bands have turned to the internet to give performances and show footage they’d been saving for a rainy day. Guns n’ Roses joined in over on Youtube a few days ago with a half hour of the Not in This Lifetime tour performances.

The video features footage from Houston, Texas and Mexico City including one of the shows where Axl had to borrow Dave Grohl’s throne after breaking his foot. Favorites like November Rain and My Michelle are joined by live gems New Rose and Out Ta Get Me in the set clocking in at just over a half and hour.

Guns N Roses - Not In This Lifetime Selects: Mexico City & Houston

Not In This Lifetime Selects: #GnFnR brings moments from the tour to YouTube. Presenting footage from Mexico City & Houston from 2016. Follow Guns N' Roses: ...

the Greatest Hits collection hits vinyl at the end of the month with the addition of Shadow of Your Love from the 2018 Appetite for Destruction reissue.