Dave & Chuck: Junk Food Roundup

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Are crackers and ice cream a weird food combo people eat?  Well, it is now.  The ice cream company Coolhaus just announced a new flavor that mixes ice cream, peanut butter, and crushed-up RITZ Crackers. It’s called Ritz Crackers & Cream.

And they describe it as “peanut butter ice cream, marbled with a crispy Ritz Cracker swirl.”  So it sounds like they’re mixing actual crushed-up Ritz Crackers in there.


This Ice Cream Tastes Like A Ritz Peanut Butter Cracker And It's A Childhood Dream Come True

The whole concept behind snacks like peanut butter crackers is that sweet and salty go together perfectly. So it only makes sense that when you put savory and sweet and...sweet together, it'll taste even better. That's exactly the thinking behind this very new and very exciting Ritz peanut butter cracker ice cream.