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Chuck Bean


If Tiger King has taught us anything it’s that there is a ferocious appetite for news stories about people and animals acting badly and the wild happenstance of life. In that spirit each night during the 9 and 10 o’clock hour I enjoy playing a game with you, the listener, called Florida or Australia. The rules are simple: I’ll tell you about a news story on the air and you text or call in and tell me if you think the story happened in Florida or Australia.(because those two places seem to have a high concentration of craziness.) Here are tonight’s stories:

Beer unsold during lockdown has been turned into renewable energy

When Australia's coronavirus lockdown forced bars and restaurants to shut down in March, breweries were left with huge inventories of unsold, stale beer.

Man, 62, arrested for singing dirty song at neighbor

An elderly man was arrested for singing a foul-mouth song he allegedly composed for his neighbor. Robert Mirabella, 62, sat out on his front porch in Wildwood, Florida on Saturday insulting his neighbor with the musical number as he strummed a guitar.

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