Taco Bell is continuing its trend of offering NON-traditional Mexican foods.  They started selling French fries a few years ago . . . and now they’ve moved on to CHICKEN WINGS.

Someone spotted them on the menu at a Taco Bell near Anaheim, California.  They’re called “Crispy Chicken Wings”, and they’re covered in some sort of Mexican seasoning blend.  They also come with a spicy ranch sauce.  A box of five costs $5.

Someone on YouTube posted a video and said they were pretty good.  It’s not clear if or when Taco Bell might start offering them at other locations.


Taco Bell Spotted Testing New Crispy Chicken Wings - Chew Boom

Taco Bell has been spotted testing new Crispy Chicken Wings in Fullerton, California. Priced at $4.99 for an order of 5 bone-in wings (drums and flats), Crispy Chicken Wings feature a bold Mexican seasoning and come served in a box with a side of Spicy Ranch Sauce for dipping.