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(Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images)

If you’re a big fan of the copse paint designs that so many black metal icons tote, such as Cradle of Filth and frontman Dani Filth, then there’s a new soap — yes, soap — just for you.

The soap comes via Etsy seller CorpsePaintSoaps, who creates soap using the designs of corpse painted musicians such as Cradle of Filth, Abbath, King Diamond, Mayhem’s Dead and Euronymous and more. There’s an Etsy shop for everything now, heh?

The shop even got a shout-out of approval from Cradle of Filth via social media.

Check out the soap below. You in?

Anne Erickson's love for music drew her into radio, and she started shortly after graduating from MSU. She has a passion for rock and metal music, plus local music. She also fronts the band Upon Wings.