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Well, this is an open category. There are so many to choose from. Here’s just a few albums I have from rockers who have passed, that I really like.

Of course, this one came to mind right away. I’ve talked about this before, I can still remember the first time I played “Outshined” on the radio. I was blown away! Between Chris Cornell’s vocals and the thunderous guitars, this was for me! I was lucky enough to be at that last Soungarden show at The Fox. As far as that grunge scene goes, they’ve always played a big part in it for me. 

Here’s some more albums from rockers we’ve lost. Of course the legendary Randy Rhoads. This album is such a classic, perfect, some would say. 

2020 started out rough with the passing of Neil Peart. I could’ve posted any Rush album, but after it was announced that Primus was going to do this album on their tour, that was suppose to take place this summer, I really dove into this record. It’s amazing. 

I need to get more Pantera albums. I’m really lacking in that category. This was a special release that came out on record day a few years ago. I texted Dimebag’s brother, Vinnie Paul, a picture of this when I got it. He responded with a few heart emojis and the prayers hands. VP loved his emojis. 

Finally, a Yes album for the late great Chris Squire. What an amazing bass player. Once again, I could’ve chosen any of their albums. His playing is admired around the bass playing world. 

What about you? What albums from rockers we’ve lost do you love? #MeltdownsJMC