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Today, I look back on the past decade. What records are some of your faves? Here’s a few of mine but I don’t have tons from this decade. I need to get lots more.

Stone Sour came out with Hydrograd a few years back. Not only is it a killer album, my friend, bassiest Johny Chow, thanked me on it! 

I discovered Avatar a few years back. I become a fan after seeing them live, the show is so good! This album is killer!

I’ve told Jacoby and the other guys in Papa Roach that their Crooked Teeth album may be their best. This is truly a great record. 

What a decade for some new comers. Royal Blood’s debut album is not only a great record, the band live is unbelievable! In 2010 Greata Van Fleet wasn’t even thought of, then they took rock radio by storm and put out a killer EP, followed by a solid full length. 

That’s just a few of my faves from the past decade. Like I said, I need to get many more. #MeltdownsJMC