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What’s the one album you just can’t live without? Man, this one was a hard pick, there’s so many good ones. To me, I felt I had to pick a record that has stood the test of time. I couldn’t go with a newer record because while I may love it now, will I in a few years? Metallica, VH, Kid Rock, Tool, Yes, Sabbath, Maiden, Highly Suspect, KISS, Pantera, Type O, Rob Zombie, The Beatles, AC/DC, Rival Sons, STP, Alice In Chains, NIN and so, all have records that may be perfect, perhaps flawless.

I went with Ozzy’s Diary of a Madman for one reason – Randy Rhoads. His work on this record – and Blizzard Of Ozz – are unmatched. From the sweetest of melodies, to the hardest of solos. This record has it all. The title track encompasses all of it. A sweet classic riff. A well thought out solo. Crunchy, chord bending and everything in between. “You Can’t Kill Rock and Roll” shows this off as well. This album is one that every budding guitar player should listen to over and over. I could go on and on but i won’t. the album speaks for itself.

It’s too bad his life was cut short. Who knows how far he would’ve gone. 

What you got? #MeltdownsJMC