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MIAMI BEACH, FL - MARCH 12: A sparsely attended beach is seen as the city announces a state of emergency to try and prevent the spread of the coronavirus on March 12, 2020 in Miami Beach, Florida. As Spring Break arrives in the area the city hopes to have measures in place to help fight COVID-19, including limiting large gatherings. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

If Tiger King has taught us anything it’s that there is a ferocious appetite for news stories about absolute disaster people. In that spirit each night during the 10 o’clock hour I enjoy playing a game with you, the listener, called Florida or Australia. The rules are simple: I’ll tell you about a news story on the air and you text or call in and tell me if you think the story happened in Florida or Australia.(because those two places seem to have a high concentration of craziness.)Here are tonight’s stories:

Flying cars set to take to the skies in outback South Australia

Like a scene straight out of Mad Max, flying cars are set to grace the South Australian outback in Coober Pedy, where the original film was shot. It may sound futuristic, but an international startup says it will host a full-scale flying car race in remote South Australia before the end of the year.

Boris Johnson claims Australia trade deal will bring 'reasonably priced' Tim Tams to UK - video

Boris Johnson has hailed the opening of trade talks with Australia as an opportunity to bring the two countries closer together, and to exchange Penguin bars for Arnott's Tim Tams with reduced tariffs. 'How long can the British people be deprived of the opportunity to have Tim Tams at a reasonable price?'

Be sure to tune in each night at 10pm if you want to play along.