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We’ve already dealt with a killer virus, murder hornets, and now a huge cloud of dust hitting the U.S. this week.  So this would be the year for a mythical creature to finally show itself.

A new high-def photo of what could be the LOCH NESS MONSTER is making the rounds online.  And some people think it’s legit.  But even the photographer is a skeptic.  He took it last year on vacation in Scotland, and just shared it online.

You can only see its back sticking out of the water.  And at first, it looks like it could be the size of a whale.  But the guy who took it says he was only 30 feet away, and it was around eight feet long.  So the size might be an optical illusion.  He thinks it was just a big fish, or maybe a seal.  Other people think he’s lying, and that it’s photoshopped.


Loch Ness Monster debate sparked after mystery creature 'pictured' by tourist

A "photograph" of a mystery creature taken by a tourist has sparked a debate over whether it's the Loch Ness Monster. Steve Challice, from Southampton, claims he took the picture of what he describes as a "big fish" while on holiday in Scotland. He estimated that it was 30 feet away and about 8 feet long.