David Lee Roth has some big news: He’s changed his name…kinda.

Roth took to his Twitter to share a new piece of art he made, and within the drawing, you see the following text:

“David ‘Lee’ Roth changes name! Diamond Dave, following Lady Antebellum’s (now ‘Lady A’) example, will be dropping the ‘Lee.’ From now on, he wants us all to call him ‘David L. Roth’ or simply ‘El Roth..’ Banana-fana-fo-fana..”

Roth is likely having a bit of fun, so it’s likely still okay to call him “David Lee Roth.” However, “El Roth” does have a nice ring to it. Here’s hoping that when KISS’ farewell tour resumes that Roth will still act as the opening act and will be billed as “El Roth” instead.


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