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A woman posted video of her black lab Yogi fetching a tiny wood chip that she tossed from her balcony into the woods.  The woman’s in a chair and doesn’t film the dog’s search . . . but you do see its triumphant return.

My dog will retrieve anything.

Yogi retrieves the impossible. He is the goodest boy. He is the weirdest boy. _____________________________________________________________________ * Jukin M...

Well, some people thought it was fake, so she proved the haters wrong.  This time she films the dog’s entire search as it locates and retrieves the chip.

My dog will literally retrieve anything - Yogi recreates his fetch for the h8rs

Yogi felt the need to restore his honor as the best fetcher in the west. He forgives the haters for their disbelief & sends slobbery kisses to all.